Evidently I'm really bad at this

I admit, I'm terrible at writing content consistently – especially when I'm not really entirely sure what the overall subject is going to be about. I've always been one of those people who, while I actually do like to write, it can be tough to just sit in front of a computer and type out a series of words that form some kind of cohesive whole – unless I've an actual subject that I'm writing about.

In the past, I've actually written news articles, game reviews, general round-up style posts for sites that fronted forums (remember those?!) and have always enjoyed that. What's tough is trying to write about yourself and things that are happening to oneself and still try to keep things interesting or entertaining.

But I guess I don't have to be interesting or entertaining here, do I? This is mine, this is for me.

The Holidays have passed and I sit here, waiting to sit in on a meeting that really probably could have been just another email, but – eh, what are you gonna do? In this case, I get to try to put my bit of input on what kind of laptop we'll be ordering for I guess the foreseeable future. Hopefully I can get listened to, seeing as how I really want to push for more RAM and larger screen sizes. We shall see.

My emacs journey still continues. I've been reading through the org-roam documentation and actually trying to use that more and more.

The keto lifestyle still continues on and maintains – I did manage to have a 5-day streak of losing weight for the first time in months, which was nice. I did have a single day where that was reversed, so I've started back on a new streak which is at day two now. I know that I don't really need to lose and that I should just be happy with where I'm at, but, mental problems and all that jazz.

As having previously noted, I've been reading the Dragon Lance novels to my kids before bedtime and have made really good progress on that front. We're currently about halfway – maybe a bit more – through Dragons of Summer Flame (I think that's the title...there are so many “Dragons of” titles). Last night's episode was kind of difficult to finish up and was actually fairly emotional for me. I've had a couple of points during reading the complete series that have been a bit wrenching, but this one was definitely challenging. Luckily, it was only a handful of paragraphs at the end of the chapter. If you've read them, you probably know what I'm referring to here. There haven't been a whole lot of books that bring tears out and I definitely didn't expect a Dragon Lance book – of all things! – to be one of them.

With that, we shall call this entry finished. @swrogers@mastodon.sludgepool.org