The Second Best Decision

This past early August, the 8th specifically, was the third anniversary of my lifestyle change over to the ketogenic persuasion. Quite possibly the second best decision that I have ever made in my life, and most definitely one that should have been made earlier. All told, though, for sure better late than never when ones' health is concerned.

I know without a shadow of a doubt, that had I continued on the path I was traveling that I would be headed towards an early grave. If I was not actually diabetic, then I was certainly pre-diabetic and well on the way down that set of tracks. I was well north of 330 pounds, did not care what went into my body, was just a mess in general.

My wife and I had talked about going keto for over a decade. We always had excuses, however: it's too expensive, it's too difficult, we'll fail anyhow, so on and so forth – we all know that drill I'm sure. We were both overweight, and we were both sick and tired and fed up with being obese.

So we just made the change. Like a switch that was flipped on. I dove into everything full boar, with a goal that by a year I would be down a hundred pounds. Seemed lofty, but doable. Well, I had met that goal well within those first 12 months, and by the first year I was actually already into maintenance mode.

Overall, I'm dropped over 150 pounds and generally weight in the range of 175-180. I'm six foot two, can easily wear small or extra small shirts, wear size 29-30 jeans and have never felt better in my life. Having experienced chronic back pain and sciatic nerve problems, requiring two rounds of epidurals to help alleviate that pain, being afraid of losing limbs to diabetes, not being able to sleep due to apnea...all stuff that I no longer miss.

Why was this only the second best decision of my life? Because making the decision to walk over to the wonderful woman who would become my wife, to wish her a Merry Christmas on the day before taking off for the Holiday at the time, then calling her the next day – that was the best decision that I've ever made in my life and the day that things began to turn around.