Vacation Wasting Away

Here I sit, not quite halfway through with my current vacation. Plans were made, well, I suppose they could be called plans – it is not like we had ideas to go anywhere, because that we did not. Much like my last vacation, I generally like to make some kind of plan to do something – anything! – with the garage.

Aye, the eyesore and bane of my existence! I loathe our garage. Every single time that I open the dividing door between our kitchen and the garage, I want to rip my eyes out of their sockets and throw them out the door. Our garage is like a portal to the seventh level of hell. It's the place where everything near and dear to us goes to die, to continue its existence in purgatory.

I'm not a fan of our garage.

At one point in time, it would have been something of a desire of mine to perhaps have a wood working area – which would have been the garage. I don't know why I wanted this, I don't own anything other than a battery powered circular saw for actually doing wood working. Yet, I always wanted that garage shop area. I think it's safe to say that at this point, that will not likely happen. Not without actually going out there and tackling the disgrace that is the garage.

Now, all that said, I've actually made some progress this time. I need to make more, but, I figure that it's similar to studying: work it out in 20 to 30 minute stints that way as to not get completely overwhelmed. This time, I think I'm only just whelmed. Ha. It's still quite a lot do to.

I suppose I should really be out there. Sigh.